MakerBot Replicator+ EX-DEMO

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*This Offer is for an Ex-Demo unit of the MakerBot Replicator+ Desktop 3D Printer and comes with 30 days warranty.

MakerBot Replicator+

Rigorous testing and development have led to the creation of this next generation MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer, which has a 25% larger build volume, and prints approximately 30% quicker than the MakerBot Replicator Desktop. For improved reliability and precision the gantry and Z-stage are re-designed with stiffer materials and a sturdier construction. Although some features have improved, the MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer has kept all of the classic features which made the Replicator Desktop so popular, with the user-friendly LCD interface and multiple connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet.

User-friendly Features

The MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer features an on-board LCD screen, which supports 8 languages including English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer has an on-board camera for remote monitoring with 640 x 480 resolution and there’s a full-colour LCD display for easy interaction and configuration of your printer.

Powerful Workflow Tools

With MakerBot’s powerful workflow tools, the MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer streamlines desktop 3D printing for professionals and educators. MakerBot Print allows you to import native CAD files, like assemblies and parts, remotely manage all connected printers over the Cloud, and optimize prints for speed and quality.

Smart Extruder+

This MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer is designed to run perfectly with their latest extruder, the Smart Extruder+. This extruder went through 160,000+ hours of testing and development to ensure dependable and consistent performance is delivered with superior results.

Please Note: The MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer comes supplied with a Smart Extruder+ in the box.

Flex Build Plate & Grip Build Surface

The new Grip Surface means prints adhere better to the surface, resulting in reduced warping and curling. It is also easier to remove Prints with the new Flex Build Plate. The build plate is also factory-levelled so your MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer is ready to go right out of the box.

MakerBot Tough PLA

MakerBot have also a developed a new Tough PLA for engineers allowing you to print stronger, durable, high-impact strength prototypes and fixtures on your MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer when required. The spools are available in packs of 3 and come with a specialised Smart Extruder+ to be used with the Tough PLA.

Consumables Packs

Small PLA Pack

  • 2 x MakerBot True Colour PLA, 0.9kg reel

Large PLA Pack

  • 5 x MakerBot True Colour PLA, 0.9kg reel

Small Tough PLA Pack

  • 2 x MakerBot Tough PLA, 0.9kg reel

Large Tough PLA Pack

  • 5 x MakerBot Tough PLA, 0.9kg reel
More Information

Tech Specs

SKU: MP07825
Layer Resolution: 100 microns
Build Volume: 29.5 L X 19.5 W X 16.5 H cm
Product Weight: 18.3 kg / 40.4 lbs
22.8 kg / 50.2 lbs (Shipping Box Weight)
Product Dimensions: 52.8 L X 44.1 W X 41.0 H cm
Extruder Compatibility: Smart Extruder+
Tough Smart Extruder+
Experimental Extruder
Supported Materials: MakerBot PLA Material - Large Spool
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Whats in the Box

  • Replicator+ 3D Printer with Smart Extruder+
  • Software
  • USB Cable
  • Power Cable
  • 1 x Large Reel True Colour PLA