Robotics For Education


Adapting Dobot Robotics for education, we introduce an incredible range of multifunctional and highly advanced educational robots, The Dobot Magician and Dobot Magician Lite.

The Magician and Magician Lite Robot Arms from Dobot are lightweight, intelligent, training robots. Ideally suited as an all-in-one STEAM Education Platform, programming is simple using Blockly or Python and with multiple end effector and tool options - and a simple coupling point for your own tools designed and 3D printed.

DOBOT Magicians are low cost with a footprint less than an A4 sheet of paper. The easy operation allows every student to practice on their own, improving teaching efficiency dramatically. Dobots can be controlled by Programming, APP, Bluetooth, WiFi, Mouse, and more.

DobotStudio has an abundance of integrated features to control the Dobot Magician Robotic Arms. For those starting out, the Teach and Playback mode requires no knowledge of coding but instead uses graphical programming via Blockly and text programming making the Dobots accessible for primary school students, while the interface to Python stretches older students from secondary school to University. Dobot can be controlled via a PC, remote control, gesture control or programmed to operate as a standalone unit.

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