Superheroes Teacher's Box + free Supplies Starter Kit (for 12)

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Students create superheroes to express their feelings and experiences. By using storytelling methods, maker technologies and creative writing they express complex emotions in the form of objects. For this, children employ technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics and microcontrollers or even sewing. After the participants created their very own heroes, they face interesting and fun challenges and delve into deep ethical and moral questions in their adventures.

Makers Red Box is a great way for students to learn and explore using different methods of teaching and technical skills including Creative Writing, Mathematics, 3D Printing, Soldering, Laser Cutting, Robotics, Coding, as well as soft skills such as Creative Problem Solving, Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, and Business Skills. All help the student grow into thriving and ambitious individuals.

Maker’s Red Box Starter Kit includes:

  • Teacher’s guide
  • Structured guide for 16 maker occasions
  • Online video tutorial for each lesson
  • Classroom presentations
  • Program codes
  • Digital object designs (STL, CAD)
  • Competency guide
  • Soldering guide
  • Micro:bit workbook
  • Sample kit
  • Supplements for 12 students (additional supplements available)
  • Support: webinars and hotline
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You're reviewing:Superheroes Teacher's Box + free Supplies Starter Kit (for 12)
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • USB flash drive
  • Lady Rainbow
  • Lady Rainbow base
  • Villain
  • Villain base
  • Colour wheel
  • Discs, 6 colours
  • Character box side
  • Character box cover
  • Character box base
  • Question card box
  • Question cards
  • Miniature character with wings
  • Female sample character
  • Three-headed dog sample character
  • Typography puzzle
  • Discs, 6 colours
  • Speech bubble
  • Story box inside (aluminium) glued, cabled, soldered, with switch
  • Story box locking unit, right side
  • Story box locking unit, left side
  • Story box layers, glued

Starter Kit:

  • Lesson plans in an A4 envelope
  • Colour wheel
  • Character box sides
  • Character box base
  • Story box locking element left side
  • LED stripe, 5V
  • Aluminium foil tape, 50 mm x 10 m
  • Tumbler switch, 2-way
  • USB connector, DIY
  • Story box sides
  • Foamed PVC, 10 × 8 x 130 mm strips
  • Foamed PVC, 10 × 8 x 230 mm strips
  • Tracing paper, 140 g, 300 × 400 mm
  • Two-core cable
  • Sketchbooks
  • Pens
  • Magnetic sheet, 300 × 400 mm
  • Cable lugs, uninsulated