The MakerBot METHOD is a hybrid of the desktop and industrial 3D Printers and takes precision printing to the next level. Print accurate and complex prototype parts with minimal clean-up of the print needed. The dual extruder allows for complex printing by using part material and part support material for complex over hangs. The METHOD is the perfect desktop printer with industrial capabilities for Engineering and Manufacturing.

  • High dimensional accuracy is ideal for precision prototype parts
  • Dual Extruders print filament and support material for complex over hang support
  • Circulating heated chamber controls the temperature and improves layer adhesion and dimensional accuracy
  • Prints with MakerBot's Precision PLA, Tough PLA and Support Material

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The METHOD X is one of the most intelligent 3D printers on the market combining industry expertise and technologies from Stratasys®. Unlike the METHOD, the METHOD X can print real ABS for complex, accurate and durable end-use parts that can go from print to immediate use. Watch this video to see more!

  • Print for quality finish and precision press fit parts (not just for prototypes) for immediate use with production-grade ABS
  • More material capabilities (PLA, Tough, ABS, PETG & Support)
  • Dual Extruders print filament material and support material for prints that need complex over hang support
  • 100┬░C Circulating Heated Chamber dramatically reduces part deformation
  • 21 onboard sensors that help users monitor, enhance, and print their projects

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METHOD Materials


The Z18 offers the same ease of use and reliability as the Replicator+ but with a much larger print volume. Print larger prototypes and expand the possibilities and footprint of your prints with the Z18.

  • Huge print volume of L30cm x W30.5cm x H45.7cm
  • Print large prototypes with MakerBot PLA & Tough PLA
  • Easy to use, reliable and consistent
  • Ideal for the engineering industry and exciting for higher education
  • Software designed for out of box & low expertise print success
  • Optimised for classroom safe MakerBot PLA Material

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The Replicator+ is Makerbot's entry-level printer providing an easy and consistent desktop 3D printing experience that delivers an exciting opportunity for primary and secondary education and is Ideal for small prototyping.

  • Easy to use & reliable
  • Software designed for out of box & low expertise print success
  • Single extruder
  • Print Volume of L29.5cm x W19.5cm x H16.5cm
  • Optimised for classroom safe MakerBot PLA Material

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Z18 & Replicator+ Materials