Our Champions

Aurora Effect

Champion - Worthing

The Aurora Effect has had a lot of success using the Flux laser cutters for their personalised products and gifts that it has become a full time job for Jasmin, and in turn The Aurora Effect has become part of an online community full of people who love hand crafted gifts but also other likeminded individuals that want to have a go at creating their own pieces of work using laser cutting and engraving.


Andy Pole

Champion - Leicestershire

If you have questions on materials from plywood to glass, ceramics, and slate, and you are based in or around Leicestershire, then Andy is your man for help and advice to get you through the decision process of which is the best Flux Laser Cutter for you and up the learning curve.

Email - [email protected]


Dave Arcari

Champion - Glasgow

Dave Arcari is a touring musician and songwriter who has embraced laser cutting and engraving as a way of creating short/medium-run merchandise in support of his music. Having realised the potential of Flux lasers, he has also started a small sideline business creating and producing gifts and souvenirs for visitors to Loch Lomond and the West Highland Way in Scotland.


Amber Smith

Champion - London

Amber Smith also known as MoonChild1993Art on Etsy makes silicone molds for resin and wax artists. She spent a lot of money paying other people to laser cut her blanks, so she wanted to find a way of being able to do it herself. After months of research, Amber found the Flux Beamo on Daemon3D Print and knew it would be perfect for her.


Gift Rabbits, Josephine Littek

Champion - London

Gift Rabbits was founded by Josie and James when they were not able to find inexpensive and truly unique personalised gifts for their wedding guests. Shortly after their wedding, they created their humble studio in London to offer similar personalised products to others. As business grew over the years, they investigated lots of different machines that would meet their rising demands. Josie and James finally found the Flux Beamo and loved all its features, one of its main selling points was the safety aspects and how easy it was to set up.


Iridescent Elixir, Victoria Geoghegan

Champion - Coventry

Victoria’s business, Iridescent Elixir, specialises in resin home decor, jewellery, and silicone moulds, and thanks to her Beamo she can now offer her own original designs that she engraves onto acrylic casts which she then creates end products with. She also uses her Beamo to engrave wood for home decor items such as wall art and wooden boxes.


The Black Dog Craft Co

Champion - Hoddesdon

Elaine has owned a flux laser cutter for around six months and enjoys using it for hobbies and gifts for her family and friends. After seeing the success of her homemade gifts, she decided to open her own business, The Black Dog Craft Co, she even left her full time employment to run her busy business from home.


Little Gestures Crafts

Champion - Alan Oliver

Little Gestures Crafts has been born from Giant Gestures where Alan Oliver and his team make and hire giant light up letters, hire flower walls, doughnut walls and blossom trees along with bespoke event decor which is made to customer order. Alan was getting enquiries for smaller items with a personalised nature so took the plunge and Little Gestures Crafts was born.