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Premium PRI-MAT PLA Filament

The Premium PRI-MAT 3D Filaments offer excellent print quality and spectacular effects. Available in white, grey, natural, orange and black, these filaments will ensure high quality results of your prints. The Premium PRI-MAT 3D Filaments are manufactured from materials provided by the world acknowledged polymer material producers.

These PLA Filaments from PRI-MAT 3D’s portfolio is a high quality offering of the most popular FDM / FFF material. The use of dedicated dyes allows PRI-MAT 3D to control the colour batch to batch in accordance with the RAL palette but also to guarantee the temperature stability throughout the printing process.

The Premium PRI-MAT 3D Filaments are manufactured by PRI-MAT 3D, they produce high-class filaments for 3D printing. PRI-MAT 3D use the latest technologies during the manufacturing process, thus they can offer high quality materials. They also use polymer materials from suppliers that are renowned all over the world.

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Tech Specs

Graphite Black: RAL 9011
Signal White: RAL 9003
Grey: RAL 9006
Orange: RAL 2011
Specs: Weight: 800g
Thickness: 1.75mm
RAL Palette:
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  • 1 x Premium PRI-MAT PLA