| Primary Education

Introducing Makerspace technology to students in years 1-6 is a great way to get them thinking about scientific methods and design processes whilst sparking their interest and enthusiasm. Makerspace technology can help younger students improve their hand-to-eye coordination and spatial awareness, ignite their curiosity for experimentation and increase their self-confidence. Our introduction-level materials are safe and easy to use, and we offer additional curriculum support to keep them engaged and inspired.

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| Secondary Education

Our state-of-the-art makerspace technology, together with our Makers Red Box curriculum support materials, offer secondary students the opportunity to take their education to the next level through the development of highly desired 21st-century skills. Aimed at both STEM and arts subject specialists, these materials help teachers create and deliver engaging learning experiences so that students of all abilities can find their strengths and realise their potential. Students’ creativity is put to the test when they are asked to design solutions to real-world challenges and are often asked to research and write about their creations.

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| Further Education

At a stage where students are beginning to make real career choices towards higher education and the world of work, a makerspace offers the ideal mix of skill elements that allows entry points for students with academic and practical talents alike. Used within both A-level and T-level courses, a makerspace offers students the chance to develop practical and soft skills including critical thinking, problem-solving and team working. These skills are ultimately prized by employers within industry 4.0 and top universities around the world.

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| Higher Education

Makerspaces are becoming increasingly popular across university campuses and for a good reason – they foster innovation, creativity and collaboration across multiple disciplines. The hands-on education that a makerspace offers transforms the way students think and encourages an entrepreneurial mindset. Increasing numbers of universities are now adopting this cutting-edge approach into their curricula, not just in the sciences and engineering, but in humanities, social sciences and the arts where team projects and creative work benefit from the makerspace technology. Students not only develop real-world, industry-ready skills; they are provided with a platform for world-leading research and development.

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| Operational Leases for Schools & Universities

Through our partner Utility Rentals, we offer Department for Education (DfE) approved, fully compliant operating leases that meet all advice set out by the National Association of School Business Managers (NASBM) and the Financial Leasing Association (FLA).

As our funding solution can be used for almost any equipment and associated services such as installation and ongoing maintenance, leasing can be a great way for schools, colleges and universities to prevent equipment from becoming redundant. This ensures you can provide an exceptional classroom experience for your students.

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