| Primary Education

Introducing 3D printing to children from years 1-6, is a great way to get them thinking about scientific method and design process, all whilst sparking their interest and getting them stuck in. 3D printing can help students strengthen their hand-eye coordination, visual/spatial skills, and enhance their curiosity, using their imagination to its full potential.

We have easy to use, introduction level 3D printers that will engage, fascinate and excite young students. We offer infinite post sales support so you never have to feel alone in your 3D printing journey.

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| Secondary Education

3D printing gives students the chance to take a project from design to manufacture; allowing them to actively engage in experimentation, analysis and fabrication; designing their parts, understanding the effects print parameter settings have on the appearance and performance of their product and then actually printing their products as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Students can learn to apply 3D printing to their own lives by creating things that they can use, such as cricket bats for PE class, ancient artefacts for history, or mouthpieces for instruments in music. Establishing interest in design, experimentation and engineering can be fundamental for Students’ future education and career options.

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| Further Education

At a stage where students are beginning to make real career choices, 3D printing offers an ideal mix of skill elements that allows entry points for students with academic and practical talents alike. Learning about the applications of 3D printing will help students understand the man-made environment around them and the changes that the manufacturing industries and their supply chains will undergo in the coming decades.

3D printers offer the ability to work with materials ranging from clay, silicon, chocolate, compost friendly plastics through to engineering materials that offer high performance engineering parts that make technology relevant to all parts of their lives and career choices.

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| Higher Education

3D printing is multi-disciplinary; offering study and research prospects in design for 3D manufacture, material development for print and application specifics, production management for AM (Additive Manufacturing) and many, many other areas making it an exciting and fertile academic arena. Designed to allow access, reconfiguration, and even fundamental redesign, open source 3D printers enable students and researchers to work from a known, stable base. External design and software packages easily interface to the printers ‘low level’ firmware so that boundaries can be pushed in all and any direction.

3D Printing delivers cutting edge experience for University Engineering and Creative Arts Departments; enabling students to not only develop real world, industry ready skills but also providing a platform for industry leading research and development.

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| Operational Leases for Schools & Universities

Via our partner, Utility Rentals, we offer fully compliant operating leases, which are approved by the Department for Education (DfE), and meet with all advice as set out by the National Association of School Business Managers (NASBM), and the Financial Leasing Association (FLA).

And as our funding solution can be used for almost any equipment and associated services such as install and ongoing maintenance, leasing can be a great way for schools, colleges & Universities to prevent equipment from becoming redundant and ensure they provide an exceptional classroom experience to their students.

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| Education Bundles

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| Flux Laser Cutters

Let your students free their inner artist and challenge their ability with the Flux Laser Cutter and Engravers. The Flux machines are powerful laser cutter and engravers that lets you shape, cut, and engrave on materials like wood, leather, acrylic, cardboard and many more. The Flux Laser Cutters boast many features, such as wifi connectivity, camera preview, design software compatibility and its safety for home and school environments.

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| Laser Cutters in School

Using laser cutters can teach students how to take an idea, to a design, then to manufacture. They can become experienced in using design software and watch as different materials can be transformed into pieces of art and sculpture. There are many online resources that include tons of great ideas for the use of a laser cutter to support the school curriculum and community.

With concerns to safety, the Flux machines are fully enclosed, and they automatically pause if the lid is opened during a task. If an emergency occurs, you can shut down the machine immediately with a single switch. And with the Beam Air or a suitable hose, fumes should not be a problem for little lungs.