6 Axis Industrial Robots

The Dobot CR range are the latest most effective 6-axis robot arms available. The CR range comes with the option of a 'Safe Skin' meaning that it detects anything within 150mm of it, it moves away to ensure that no collisions happen, once clear, the CR resumes operation automatically without compromising production. Available in one of 4 sizes, with an increasing range of payloads and reach, there is bound to be a Dobot CR to deploy for all your different automation needs. Aimed at small industries and universities, and with a range of 16 end effectors and tools, the Dobot CR does everything you'd expect or need.

The Dobot CRs have flexible mounting points and with hand-guided learning or graphical programming from Android, iOS, or Windows platforms making them highly recommended for fast deployment and changeover tasks. They also have multiple IO interfaces making them truly integratable into your production processes.

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