Delta WASP 3MT Industrial 4.0 LDM

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*These machines are made to order, please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. The machine also requires assembly in the work area on delivery and will need to be installed by a Wasp technician which will require a separate quotation. Please contact us regarding this. Space required for assembly: 5.5m x 2.5m x 3.6m (w x d x h).

Delta Wasp 3MT Industrial 4.0 LDM

With a closed build area of big dimension and its unique versatility, the professional 3D printer Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL 4.0 defines a new standard in the world of additive manufacturing. The Delta Wasp 3MT Industrial 4.0 is a multi-tool machine that allows new access to personal large fabrication. This printer is a revolutionary tool that gives users the ability to print large prints that they couldn't do with other 3D printers, loaded with a large print nozzle and giant print bed, this printer enables you to produce immense structures relatively quickly.

Clay Extruders

Wasp has created the LDM WASP Extruders as a new and faster extruder to print with the toughest dense ceramic fluid materials. They have a high torque motor that enables the printing of harder mixtures and therefore faster prints by taking advantage of the entire printing volume of the Delta WASP 3MT Industrial 4.0 LDM. The extruders have a degasser that avoids air bubbles in the mixture, eliminating the probability of air bubbles and reducing the risk of interruptions to the print, guaranteeing smooth results. With this technology it is possible to precisely manage the flow of the output material until the use of the retraction to stop the deposition. The 3MT Industrial 4.0 LDM can come with one of 2 different extruders.

    LDM Clay Extruder XL

    The LDM Clay Extruder for dense ceramic fluid materials such as clay, porcelain & grès. The LDM Extruder XL comes with the dedicated cap for the 5L tank, the connecting tube from an extruder cap, a conical plastic nozzle and four stainless steel nozzles with different diameters: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm.

    LDM Concrete Extruder XXL

    The LDM Clay Extruder XXL is for the dense ceramic fluid materials, but with bigger nozzle diameters of 8mm + 18mm. The LDM WASP Extruder XXL is feeded using a mortar pump that delivers the material through a tube. The flow rate is controlled via a pressure sensor mounted on the extruder inlet, that is capable of continuously measuring the pressure and therefore the flow of outbound material in order to achieve the best extrusion conditions. By using the pump control unit, all the pumping variables can be set according to the type of material and to the paste consistency. Continuous Feeding System consists of: mortar pump (80 l) with control unit, 5 m long tube with pressure sensor at the outlet.

Huge Build Volume

With a huge build volume of Ø1000 x h1000 mm, you will be able to create large scale prints, without the sacrifice of time. Layer thicknesses range between 0.50mm to 2.00mm and the nozzle size is 3mm for fast output of material.

Resurrection System

The Resurrection System is an auto-save and back up feature on the Delta WASP 3MT 3D Printer which allows you to stop 3D printing before completion and continue hours, days or weeks later from where you left off. The need to stop or interrupt print production and to get it back to it in the future at the same point where it was left, has been the motivation to create this new implementation. By interrupting the track to the Arduino with 12 volt and have added a diode and a 10.000 µF-condenser (little battery), WASP have evolved the function of “stop and save.”

Free Zed System

The Free Zed System is a recovery process on the Delta WASP 3MT 3D Printer useful for clay and prototyping which gives you the ability to start printing from anywhere within the 3D print’s instructions. It allows you to print a file starting from a precise height of the model, as long as the height was previously selected. Essentially giving you the ability to print the one half of your design on the Delta WASP 3MT 3D Printer and then begin a new print of the second half.

Delivery & Requirements

The machine travels disassembled and it’s assembled in the work area. The required height for the room of the assembly is 3.6m.

More Information
Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

Build Volume: Ø 1000 x h 1000 mm (h max 1200 mm)
Minimum Layer Height: 100 Micron (Filament)
500 Micron (Pellets)
Print Speed Max: 200 mm/s
Travel Speed Max: 400 mm/s
Acceleration: 150 mm/s2
Bed Temperature Max: 110°C
Nozzle Diameter (Spitfire Red Extruder): LT 1.2mm
Configurable Tools: Red Spitfire Extruder
Wasp Pellet Extruder
Product Weight: 250 kg
Product Dimensions: 215 cm x 235 cm x 305 cm (Product Dimensions)
Box A - 310 x 60 x 55 cm / Box B - 227 x 60 x 136 cm (Shipping Box Dimensions)
Supported Materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, Polypropylene, PA
Software: Operating Systems - Windows, Mac, Linux
Slicing Software - compatible with all slicing softwares (Cura, Slic3r, Simplify3D)
File Type - .stl, .obj, .gcode
Interface: Pendrive USB
Wifi Network
Display TFT Touch
Temperature: Use - 20-30°C
Warehouse - 0-30°C
Warranty: All of our machines come with a standard 12 month return to base warranty (parts only), this means “you the customer" are responsible for sending the item back to us. All return shipping costs for warranty work are at the cost of the customer and the return must be sent back in the original packaging. Please check the Shipping & Returns page for more warranty information.
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What's in the Box

  • Simplify3D License
  • With Pellet Extruder - 3 x 7.5kg pails of PLA Pellets
  • With Red Spitfire Extruder - 2 x 1 kg spool of PLA
  • Packaging for national/international shipping in 2 wooden boxes - box A: 310 x 60 x 55 cm / box B : 227 x 60 x 136 cm)

Built to Order - Typically 8 weeks