FilaFlex 70A Ultra-Soft

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FilaFlex 70A Ultra-Soft

The new FilaFlex 70A Ultra-Soft filament is the most elastic material that currently exists on the market. The FilaFlex ultra-soft is aimed at producing pieces with high elasticity, as its properties make it comparable to silicone. This material can be used for the manufacture of shoes, orthopaedic insoles, fitting contact parts in prosthetics, printing on fabrics, etc. The filament is manufactured in a single diameter of 2.85 mm; due to its high elasticity it requires a larger section to provide more thrust during extrusion.

This FilaFlex 70A Ultra-Soft filament can only be used with printers that have a 3mm direct extruder. Extruders that have been tested with the Recreus 70A, 2.85mm filament include the Recreus Extruder V3, the Wasp Flex Extruder and the E3D Direct Extruders.

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Material Flexible Material
Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

Recommended Print Settings: Layer Height: 0.08 -0.3 (for 0.4mm nozzle). Optimal results with height 0.2mm
Printing Speed: 15-80mm/s
Printing Temperature: 210-235 Celsius
Return Speed: 35-80mm/s
Retraction Distance: 2.5-5mm
Travelling Speed: 160-200mm/s
Technical Features: Filament diameter 2.85mm
Tolerance diameter +/- 0.04
NOT compatible with Bowden type extruder
Huge elasticity and excellent resistance to abrasion
Does not need a heated bed, adhesive or fixative. For large parts we recommend 3D Lac
Printing speed up to 20-50mm/s
Printing temperature 210 - 235C
Resistant to common solvents (acetone, fuel, etc.)
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