MakerBot Precision PC-ABS

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Print Durable and Heat-resistant Prototypes and End-use Parts

MakerBot PC-ABS is a strong, engineering-grade material that has both a high heat resistance and high impact resistance. When ABS does not provide a high enough impact resistance, but high heat resistance is still required, PC-ABS is a great alternative, due to the addition of polycarbonate.

Flame Retardant

PC-ABS FR is a flame retardant version of MakerBot PC-ABS. Flame retardance is a common requirement for materials used in the production passenger carrying vehicles such as rail cars and automobiles and airplanes. The benefit being that FR extinguishes flames preventing the spread of fire.

End-use Parts

Short-run production with MakerBot PC-ABS can be achieved for extremely low-volume products with the benefit of avoiding costly tooling. These parts can permanently replace injection molded pieces, or temporarily supplement them in the case of supply-chain disruption.

More Information
Material PC-ABS, PC-ABS FR
Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

Spool Size: 750g 750g
Printer Compatibility: METHOD X METHOD X
Tensile Strength at yield (ASTM D638, 50mm/min): 37 MPa / 5300psi 60 MPa / 8700psi
Strain at Break (ISO 527): 14% >50%
E-Modulus (ISO 527): 1820 MPa / 263000 psi 2850 MPa / 413000 psi
Impact Strength (Charpy Method 23°C ISO 179): 25.5 kj/m² / 12.1 lb-ft/in² 42.5 kj/m² / 20.2 lb-ft/in²
Vicat Softening Temp (ISO 306): 108°C / 226°F 104°C / 219°F
Flammability-Rating (UL-94): n/a V0
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