MakerBot Tough PLA

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MakerBot Tough 3D Printing Filament

The MakerBot Tough 3D Printing Filament allows you to created durable, high-impact strength prototypes and fixtures that save time and money. This unique filament is as tough as ABS, yet is as reliable and easy to print with as PLA. The MakerBot Tough 3D Printing Filament has been produced with designers and engineers in mind. The MakerBot Tough Filament has been tested and optimised to work with the MakerBot Tough Smart Extruder+. Right now it's available in 4 colours, Safety Orange, Stone White, Slate Grey & Onyx Black.

The MakerBot Tough 3D Printing Filament can withstand a severe impact-load better than PLA and you will experience longer plastic deformation under a severe tensile load, whereas PLA will snap. The MakerBot Tough Filament responds well to sanding, thread-tapping and post-processing, it also offers greater tensile elongation than PLA under a tensile load. This filament is also suitable for printing jigs and fixtures with threaded and snap fits that can withstand repeated use

Tensile Strength Similar to ABS

Under a tensile load, MakerBot Tough 3D Printing Filament will deform elastically and return to its original shape before hitting peak strength. Beyond this peak, MakerBot Tough 3D Printing Filament will exhibit a very long plastic deformation range before break that outperforms ABS. In contrast, PLA will simply fracture.

Key Features

  • 2X the impact strength of ABS for high durability prototypes
  • Ideal for working prototypes and manufacturing aids
  • Significantly less warping and curling than ABS without the need for heated build plates
  • Highly machinable for a wide range of post-processing techniques
  • More office friendly than ABS
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Tech Specs

Application: CAD/Conceptual Modelling/Prototyping/Education/AEC
Width / Size / Capacity: 0.9kg
Compatibility: PLA Filament
Machine Compatibility: MakerBot Replicator, MakerBot Replicator +
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