PP3D Polypropylene Filament

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PP3D Polypropylene Filament from Recreus

Recreus' revolutionary new PP3D polypropylene filament PP·3D has been developed in conjunction with Repsol. This great synergy with the multinational company has made it possible to launch a high-quality polypropylene thanks to the contribution and the high degree of experience on the part of Repsol Chemical in the manufacture of polyolefins. Without a doubt, a collaboration that has resulted in an exceptional polypropylene (PP) for 3D printing, with fantastic applicability in many sectors.

The PP3D polypropylene filament comes with an adhesion ‘primer’ to apply to the surface of the printer before printing. This ensures maximum adherence of the PP to the print platform at only 40ºC and, therefore, an optimal result in our final piece!

Recreus PP3D polypropylene filament has exceptional fatigue resistance, high levels of toughness and a low friction coefficient. It is the reference material for prototyping and end-use parts. Its matte finish is impressive, similar to injection, which eliminates the appreciation of the union between layers. You will get as a result a piece of very high quality and exceptional finish.

Properties of PP3D Polypropylene Filament

  • High impact
  • Chemical resistant
  • Non toxic
  • Good adhesion between printing layers
  • Easy to print
  • Low warping or deformation
  • Smooth finish
  • Autoclavable
  • Suitable for food contact
  • Durable and strong

Characteristics of PP3D Polypropylene Filament

  • It flows smoothly and easily at very low extrusion force.
  • Immediate and resistant adhesion on a glass plate after the previous application of the ’primer’.
  • Possibility of printing hermetic containers.
  • It retains its shape after twisting or flexing.
  • Low density, resulting in light and strong parts.
  • Chemically resistant to a wide range of acids and bases, including industrial cleaning agents.
  • Creation of functional prototypes made with the same material as the final product.


  • Its chemical resistance makes it ideal for 3D printing bottles and containers as functional prototypes that may contain a liquid product.
  • Parts that require low friction and heat resistance.
  • High electrical resistance for good electrical insulation.
  • Industrial tools and parts.
  • Parts that must be resistant to salts, acids, solvents, greases and oils.
  • Mechanical components.
  • Parts that require sealing.


The PP3D polypropylene filament spool is accompanied by a ‘primer’ container that must be applied to the surface of the printer before each print for the best result. The success of the printing of your parts resides in the perfect combination and application of this ‘primer’ together with the filament. It is very important that before you start printing, carefully read the instructions for use and application of the ‘primer’ below.


* Read carefully before printing.

Follow the next steps:

    1. Open the ‘primer’ container and apply a layer on the printer bed or surface.
    2. Leave to act for 5 minutes so that the ‘primer’ can dry.
    3. Set the bed temperature to 40ºC. Do not apply more temperature, since the piece could deform.
    4. Start printing the Recreus PP3D polypropylene filament.
    5. Once the piece is finished, heat the bed to 85ºC to take it off.


That same 'primer' layer can be used for 1 or 2 more prints. To do this, in each new impression, proceed to reheat the bed to 40ºC before printing the new piece and, once it is finished, raise the temperature of the bed to 85ºC in order to take it off. What will suppose an important saving of product.

More Information
Material Polypropylene
Technical Specifications

Recommended Print Parameters

  • Printing temperature: 230ºC
  • Print speed: 40 mm/s
  • Temperature of the hot bed or ‘hotbed’: 40ºC once the ‘primer’ has been applied
  • Optimum layer height: 0.2 mm
  • Minimum nozzle diameter: 0.4 - 0.6 mm
  • Retraction for direct extrusion: 3.2 mm
  • Retraction for bowden extrusion: 6 mm
  • Retraction speed for direct extrusion: 40 mm/s
  • Retraction speed for bowden extrusion: 25 mm/s
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