Flux Reflect Mirror

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Reflect Mirror

This pack of 3 reflect mirrors is made for the Flux Beamo, Beambox and Beambox Pro.

How does it work? As an example, the Beamo's 30-watt CO2 laser zaps high voltage across a glass tube filled with CO2 gas, this produces a powerful beam from the end of its tube. The beam is then reflected using mirrors, and precisely focused using a lens, which narrows the beam down to approximately 0.2mm. The process works by the laser reflecting a high powered beam onto the mirror on the rail which then reflects onto the mirror above the focus lens. The laser beam is then directed down onto the material you are using on the work space.

There are a total of three mirrors inside the laser cutter/engraver.

    1. One is in the upper left corner where the laser is positioned and where you can’t see it. This mirror is fixed and does not move.

    2. There’s another mirror on the left rail.

    3. The last one is above the focus lens.

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What's in the Box

  • 1 x Flux Reflect Mirror