SR-30 Support Material

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Stratasys SR-30 Support Material

SR-30 is a proprietary soluble support material developed by Stratasys® that is optimised to work extremely well with ABS due to its unique adhesion properties. It is compatible with the MakerBot METHOD X 3D Printer using the Support 2XA extruder.

Unlike PVA which is simply water soluble, SR-30 requires additional equipment for dissolution. We offer the Stratasys Ecoworks Cleaning Agent to help dissolve the SR-30. Ecoworks cleaning agent is designed to remove SR-30 support material from parts built using the FDM process with soluble support material. The cleaning agent is both user- and eco-friendly (with a pH of 10). Ecoworks comes in tablet or packet form (we offer packet form) and usage varies by tank type.

We do recommend using a cleaning tank for removing the soluble material, we offer the SCA-1200HT Cleaning Bath. Circulation Tanks heat and circulate a solution water and wash agent around an immersed 3D print to efficiently dissolve support material (in this case SR-30) from the part. Without the aid of a heated circulation tank (or similar equipment) the support material is extremely difficult to dissolve, not to mention significantly more time consuming.

Water temperatures between 70 - 75° C (158 - 167° F) are most effective for dissolving SR-30. Temperatures above 75° C (167° F) may cause parts to distort. Dissolve times with temperatures below 70° C (158° F) will take longer.

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Technical Specifications

SR-30 Tech Specs

Spool size: 450g
Filament thickness: 1.75mm
Equipment You May Need: Circulation Tank that provides heat and circulation
Ecoworks cleaning agent tablets
Safety Gloves
Splash Resistant Safety Goggles
Stainless Steel Tongs
Stainless Steel Strainer
Recommended Circulation Tanks: SCA-1200HT
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