WASP Carbon Kit

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WASP Carbon Kit

Wasp Carbon Kit is the ultimate upgrade for all Delta WASP 3D printers. This kit allows you to create ready to use parts from any Delta WASP printer, and not just “prototypes”.

Thanks to the innovative dual gear filament driver, and the new SPITFIRE X with removable nozzles, the extrusion force has been tripled and the nozzle replacement operation has been simplified, switching from 0.4 to 0.8 in a few seconds. The nozzles are made of hardened super rapid steel, plated to increase hardness and then coated to improve flowability.

The WASP Carbon Kit has been designed to print advanced technical materials such as Carbon Nylon on all Delta WASP printer models. Carbon Fibre Nylon is a mechanically and thermally resistant technical material with excellent surface quality and can be printed without a hot chamber (however, using a hot chamber will result in better mechanical performances).

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Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

Technology: FDM
Available Nozzles: 0.4, 0.8
Power Consumption: 60W
Voltage: 19v / 24v
Connector: RJ or MODU
Cover: Nylon glass fibre reinforced , luminium, steel
Printer Compatibility: Delta WASP 2040
Delta WASP 2040 TURBO
Delta WASP 2040 TURBO 2
Delta WASP 2040 PRO
Delta WASP 2040 INDUSTRIAL 4.0
Delta WASP 4070
Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL 4.0
Delta WASP 60100
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What's in the Box

  • WASP SPITFIRE X Extruder 0.4
  • Double gear filament driver X 1.75 mm
  • M2 High speed steel nozzle SPITFIRE X 0.4 (hardened, subjected to electro-nickel plating and surface treatment for high sliding)
  • M2 High speed steel nozzle SPITFIRE X 0.8 x 2 (hardened, subjected to electro-nickel plating and surface treatment for high sliding)
  • Dimafix
  • Cleaning Kit ( Allen key 2.5, key 7 for nozzle and quick coupling, syringe)
  • Elastic bands (plastic ties and screws and nuts for rubber bands)
  • Nylon Carbon Fiber filament 500g
  • SD card with instructions and profiles
  • Extruder aluminium plate (serial number)
  • Manual