Wasp Clay Tank 3L

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Wasp Clay Tank 3L

This is a aluminum tank for dense fluid materials.

Having a spare tank can be useful for those who want to print fast and efficiently. While you are printing with one tank, you can have another tank waiting to be used. The clay likes to sit in the tank before use to settle and make sure any last bits of trapped air disappear. Once you are finished with one tank, just swap it with your spare one and continue printing!

  • Tank in certified aluminum up to 40bar.
  • Safety valve set at 7bar.
  • Carefully read the label on the tank and the MANUAL.
  • Be sure, before putting into pressure, that the 2 caps of the tank are screwed completely until the filler thread is completely covered.
  • Check periodically that the threads of the caps and the tank are not worn or have dents. Always clean the filler and cap threads so as to avoid the closure of incorrect plugs.
  • Periodically put grease on the threads of the caps and the tank.

*When printing with dense materials on clay 3D printers, you will need to use an air compressor to get rid of all the air bubbles in the material tank, this is so the mixture can flow through the extruder smoothly without any breaks. You can use any EU specified air compressor with 3.5 - 5.5 bar pressure, which you can get online or at a hardware store.

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Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

Compatible with: Delta WASP 20 40 PRO
Delta WASP 20 40 Clay
Delta WASP 40 70
Delta WASP 20 40 TURBO2
Delta WASP 20 40 TURBO
Delta WASP 20 40
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  • Wasp Clay Tank 3L