Flux BeamAir 2.0 Filter


Flux BeamAir 2.0 Filter

The Filter will filter all the air that comes out and can easily be installed on your Beamo, Beambox or Beambox Pro. The Flux BeamAir is a necessary spare part for Flux's laser cutter and engravers. They are compatible regardless of whether you buy the standard Beamo, Beambox or Beambox Pro.

What is it Needed For?

Filter-exhaust systems are necessary because they guarantee clean and safe work and a safe working environment. Their role is to suck up dust and gases and filter out odours produced during machining.

*Video is for the Beamair 2.0's previous model, Beamair.

More Information
Beamo, Beambox, Beambox Pro


General Specs

Packed Dimensions: 490 x 490 x 370 mm
Shipping Weight: 17 kg
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