How Forever Rings uses Their FLUX Laser Cutter to Treasure Your Loved Ones That Have Been Lost

Forever Rings founded by Neil Slack creates rings and pendants to treasure your lost loved ones by combining their ashes with metal jewellery. Read below to find out more about how he creates his work and how he uses his FLUX laser cutter to achieve the final results.

Forever rings produce rings, necklaces, and pendants. The jewellery is fused or filled with cremation ash to give you a unique cherished memorial to a dearly beloved relative, loved one, or a fondly missed pet.

There are many different types of rings with different designs to choose from. The ring itself can be made from solid silver, damascus steel, tungsten carbide, titanium, or stainless steel. You can then choose an opal inlay or a dichrolam inlay in many different colours to make your ring even more special.

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