1. Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences Enriches Additive Design and Manufacturing Courses with MakerBot 3D Printers

    Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences Enriches Additive Design and Manufacturing Courses with MakerBot 3D Printers

    Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences is a prestigious 140+ year-old university delivering advanced engineering and technical training to students entering the workforce. Students utilize METHOD X for a range of applications, from research and development to industry thesis projects.

    Prof. Dr Finsterwalder teaches the Additive Design and Manufacturing courses, where students are taught the foundations of generative design and additive manufacturing on both a theoretical and physical level.

    “I believe that 3D printing is a valuable problem-solving tool and key competency for the future workforce. It was important to integrate this technology into our courses to give students a chance to use equipment that is currently being used within the design and manufacturing companies today,” said Prof. Dr Florian Finsterwalder.

    The courses teach students how to conceptualize, design, and transform ideas into tangible objects they can physically manipulate. Stu

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  2. Print Finishing Firm Rollem Leverages 3D Printing To Support Playing Card Production Operations

    Daemon3D Print features in a blog on Manufacturing Tomorrow, read a snippet here or fill out the form below to read the full article!

    'MakerBot, a Stratasys company initially set out in 2009 to become one of the first companies offering 3D printers that were affordable and available for all. The global 3D printer market has since only grown and was valued at US$12.6 billion in 2020. Rollem have used MakerBot 3D printers for a number of years but with the industry ever developing they were looking to upgrade.

    Once Rollems Managing Director Stuart Murphy had decided that a 3D printer would be able to solve their issues, it was time for the much longer process of deciding which one. To answer that question Stuart would need to seek technical advice and support to ensure that he found the right printer for his requirements. Nicola Stokes, director at Daemon3D Print, and Stuart have known each other for 20 years, and they had caught up at a trade show where

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  3. Forever Rings

    How Forever Rings uses Their FLUX Laser Cutter to Treasure Your Loved Ones That Have Been Lost

    Forever Rings founded by Neil Slack creates rings and pendants to treasure your lost loved ones by combining their ashes with metal jewellery. Read below to find out more about how he creates his work and how he uses his FLUX laser cutter to achieve the final results.

    Forever rings produce rings, necklaces, and pendants. The jewellery is fused or filled with cremation ash to give you a unique cherished memorial to a dearly beloved relative, loved one, or a fondly missed pet.

    There are many different types of rings with different designs to choose from. The ring itself can be made from solid silver, damascus steel, tungsten carbide, titanium, or stainless steel. You can then choose an opal inlay or a dichrolam inlay in many different colours to make your ring even more special.

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  4. MakerBot Method X Carbon Fibre & Labs Extruder Bundle

    The new Method X & Labs Extruder Bundle means that with any MakerBot Method X or Method X Carbon Fibre 3D Printer, you can get a MakerBot Labs Extruder for FREE!.

    The MakerBot METHOD X 3D Printer is one of the most intelligent 3D printers on the market combining industry expertise and technologies from Stratasys. Produce dimensionally accurate end-use parts (not just prototypes) that fit on the first try regardless of their complexity and can go from print to immediate use. And combined with the LABS Experimental Extruder

    Method X Materials

    The Method X can print with ABS, ASA, PC-ABS, and PC-ABS FR. ABS is MakerBot's toughest material, found in many common products such as LEGOS, computer keys, power-tool housings, and automotive parts. Because MakerBot's ABS doesn't have any of the extra additives added to it like most desktop ABS filaments do, It is capable of withstanding 15°C higher temperatures, is 26% more rigid and 12% stronger. And now the

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  5. Oryx Additive Partners With MakerBot to Offer Support Removal Solutions for Customers

    Oryx Additive Partners With MakerBot to Offer Support Removal Solutions for Customers

    Oryx Additive, known for their Consolidate and Comprehensive solutions for additive manufacturing, offers the sca1200ht wash tank - made for parts produced from the MakerBot METHOD 3D printers. The sca1200ht is designed specifically for the removal of soluble support materials of parts made from the Method 3D Printers. It's made to work seamlessly with all soluble materials and the base modelling materials in conjunction with all recommended support removal concentrates. Model materials include ABS, ASA, Nylon, Polycarbonate materials, and many other types of plastics and materials all listed on their website.

    MakerBot offers Stratasys® SR-30™ soluble support materials for the METHOD platform, which is de

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  6. 3D Lac Plus

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  7. Innovative Ideas For Complex Scanning Tasks

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  8. Meet Our New Reseller - Shropshire 3D Print

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  9. GREENGUARD Certified Classroom Set-up for Sketch and Method

    GREENGUARD ISO 14001 Certification

    MakerBot are bringing the first educational 3D printing solution with a GREENGUARD Certification for low emissions through testing from UL - a global science and safety company - to make your classroom a safe space for your students to thrive. The GREENGUARD ISO 14001 certification is for the MakerBot Tough PLA, so you can be confident about the safety of your students while they create tough and sturdy prints. The MakerBot Tough PLA with GREENGUARD certification is compatible with the Sketch, Method and Method X 3D Printers.

    To read more about the GREENGUARD Certification, click here.

    MakerBot Tough PLA for Sketch

    MakerBot Sketch Tough PLA is much stronger and more rigid than normal PLA, and acts more like ABS without needing the high

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  10. EinScan HX & Verisurf: The New Platform for Reverse Engineering

    When it comes to Reverse Engineering and Inspection we are always aiming at offering you high-quality, user-friendly and accessible 3D scanning tools in combination with cutting edge software technology. This time we teamed up with our trusted software partner Verisurf to offer you a unique hybrid solution.

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