The new Method X & Labs Extruder Bundle means that with any MakerBot Method X or Method X Carbon Fibre 3D Printer, you can get a MakerBot Labs Extruder for FREE!.

The MakerBot METHOD X 3D Printer is one of the most intelligent 3D printers on the market combining industry expertise and technologies from Stratasys. Produce dimensionally accurate end-use parts (not just prototypes) that fit on the first try regardless of their complexity and can go from print to immediate use. And combined with the LABS Experimental Extruder

Method X Materials

The Method X can print with ABS, ASA, PC-ABS, and PC-ABS FR. ABS is MakerBot's toughest material, found in many common products such as LEGOS, computer keys, power-tool housings, and automotive parts. Because MakerBot's ABS doesn't have any of the extra additives added to it like most desktop ABS filaments do, It is capable of withstanding 15°C higher temperatures, is 26% more rigid and 12% stronger. And now the

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