3D Lac Plus Testimonial

The 3D Lac Plus has been described as a game changer by Martyn one of our customers, according to them the Replicator+ felt like an expensive toy before the use of the 3D Lac Plus. Since buying the spray their son is able to use the full size of the bed without Lifting!

Martyn said that even though the adhesion is better it is easier to separate the prints from the bed when the lacquer is applied.

The 3D Lac Plus is a new solution to the common issue of certain materials adhering to the printing base with just a small spray to the surface of the. The spray ensures that the piece is attached to the base until the print is complete allowing for large prints to be made without bonding and improves the quality of smaller prints. 3D Lac Plus is suitable for ABS, PLA, Flexible Filament and more!

Try using the 3D Lac Plus with your 3D printer to see how it can improve your printing experience.

This is a rotary tool holder printed from thingyverse by Martyn on their 3D printer with the help of 3D Lac Plus.