When it comes to pushing EinScan 3D scanners capacities beyond their limits and achieving performance exceeding official parameters, the EinScan Community never falls short of awesome ideas and creative problem solving...

The secret of the magic dices

We all know that dark, shiny and complex parts sometimes require an extra dose of commitment and attention. The use of Reference Points is a huge game changer when it comes to acquiring tricky details, the problem is: What's an efficient strategy when sticking markers is not possible due to the small size or the delicate surface of the object? What can be done when you need an intermediate point system due to part rotation during scanning? How can a great scanning result be achieved with using less reference points? Here's where the magic dice comes in:

3D Smart Solutions used a special technique to 3D print the W20 dices with an integrated magnet. 19 sides of the dice are equipped with the usual reference points and one side carries the magnet. The small and light weight dices are not only increasing the efficiency of 3D scanning complex objects, but also help to save big on reference points. The magnet is easily attached to metal surfaces and supports convenient and fast preparation of the scanning job. Next time scanning something on a table surface, just put a couple of these around the object and experience the workflow enhance drastically.

Instead of nasty sticker preparation: use the dices to have your scanning setup instantly prepared.