Meet Daemon3D’s New Reseller - Shropshire 3D Print

Paul Brewer, Director of Shropshire 3D Print, moved to Shropshire with his wife Jan, two kids and their dog back in 2011. Paul and Jan wanted to start their business in Shropshire because it is the seat and birthplace of the 1st industrial Revolution in the period 1760 to 1830, but it is also beautiful, and the largest landlocked county in England and Paul knew this would be a wonderful place for his family to live, work, and grow. For those reason they decided to name their business after the beautiful county.

Shropshire 3D Print aim to make futures a reality by supplying and supporting the best 3D Printers & Laser Cutters to industry and education. Shropshire 3D Print Ltd was formed in 2014 to meet high growth in demand for 3D print in education and business, and since then, Paul is proud to have become a STEM Ambassador assisting young students in STEM activities within local schools. Having Laser Cutters as a part of their product line and introducing them into the Classroom could be the key to unlocking the skill deficit in the UK for engineering and design in industry and they are keen to ensure all schools and classrooms have the access to the equipment that makes this possible.

Design; Manufacturing; Engineering; Technology; Architecture and Education are all sectors which can benefit from the revolution in distributed manufacture embodied in design and flexible production tools. Trading with integrity and by working with the finest manufacturing equipment in the industry, Shropshire3D bring their clients the highest quality and widest range of flexible distributed manufacturing solutions and materials available. They will accurately qualify your precise requirements, including your intended applications, budget, and experience and supply the right device for your use, ensuring the best ROI.

Whether you are a Modeller, a Maker, a Tinkerer, an Educator or a Professional Rapid Prototyper, Shropshire3D will be able to guide and help you find the right Laser Cutter for your application.