GREENGUARD ISO 14001 Certification

MakerBot are bringing the first educational 3D printing solution with a GREENGUARD Certification for low emissions through testing from UL - a global science and safety company - to make your classroom a safe space for your students to thrive. The GREENGUARD ISO 14001 certification is for the MakerBot Tough PLA, so you can be confident about the safety of your students while they create tough and sturdy prints. The MakerBot Tough PLA with GREENGUARD certification is compatible with the Sketch, Method and Method X 3D Printers.

To read more about the GREENGUARD Certification, click here.

MakerBot Tough PLA for Sketch

MakerBot Sketch Tough PLA is much stronger and more rigid than normal PLA, and acts more like ABS without needing the high printing temperatures, this makes it perfect for tougher classroom needs. PLA Plastic, or polylactic acid, is a vegetable-based plastic material and is a fully biodegradable thermoplastic polymer consisting of renewable raw materials, making it safe for offices and classrooms.

MakerBot Sketch 3D Printer Bundle

The MakerBot Sketch Classroom set-up is a bundle of everything you need to get your students started in the world of 3D Printing. With the dual printer set-up, you can get started with two printers and complete your classroom printing faster, make 3D printing more accessible to your students, and boost the opportunities for student innovation. Also, with the MakerBot certification, solidify your students in real-world problem solving through design thinking and 3D printing. Get access to a full set of interactive content, projects, quizzes and exams developed by MakerBot Certified Educators.