Grace Stubbs - Why I Chose Flux

How do you use your Laser Cutter?

I create bespoke wedding stationery and signage. I have worked in the wedding industry for 10 years and have seen trends come and go. The most recent trend is acrylic signage such as table plans and welcome signs... and this is what I mainly create on my machine.

What is your experience with the machine and why you chose Flux?

The machine is so easy to set up and use. I previously had a Glowforge which was very user-friendly (but very unreliable, as it broke 5 times in 7 months. So, on my 5th replacement I received a refund!) so I was worried I would find the transition hard as the Flux is a lot bigger and feels more "industrial". However, I had a lesson/demonstration before I bought the machine which allowed me to "plug and go" after I bought it. This also allowed me to see how big the machines were and choose which one I thought would be best suited to the size of materials I would be cutting. I brought bits of acrylic with me to ensure it would be able to engrave and cut to the desired finish, and it did. The machine is very well built, and sturdy compared to my previous laser, so I am very confident in having this machine support my business!

Do you have any interesting projects that you have done?

I hope the wedding industry will continue to boom off the back of covid so I can continue creating wedding invitations and signage. An area which I do want to go into is more home crafty bits, such as engraved chopping boards, kids' bedroom signs/toys and other things that would mainly be made out of wood. I love a cosy home so this is a good outlet away from the wedding industry. I have created a few samples and tested them in my Etsy shop, which have been popular. However, although more environmentally friendly, wood does require more effort in "finishing" as I have to glue and paint after cutting which can sometimes be a bit fiddly. An example of this is the Love Heart Signs Below

When I bought my laser in June, as I was leaving Daemon3D’s workshop, I said I hoped to get my second machine next year... so who knows, I might be adding the Hexa to my office very soon!